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Erick Emmanuel, CAPM, PMP

| Assistant Project Manager

Erick Emmanuel, CAPM, PMP

“At Columbia I am surrounded by experts and hardworking individuals. My co-workers want me to succeed as much as I want them to succeed.”

Joined Columbia in 2017   

As an Assistant Project Manager at Columbia, Erick brings a unique skillset to our Project Management Team. He has extensive experience working with diverse teams to manage construction demolition projects, lab equipment relocations, and infrastructure improvement projects, as well as driving logistical and strategic planning for projects.  A highly focused and results oriented individual, Erick enjoys identifying and defining goals to prioritize and resolve issues in the initial stages of a project to minimize risks and changes. He partners with Project Managers to keep projects on track and clear lines of communications open between subconsultants and owners.

In his free time, Erick enjoys spending time with his young family and working out at the gym. A professional photographer, Erick has worked with celebrities and enjoys both the technical and artistic side of being behind a lens. With a “work hard or go home” outlook toward work and life, Erick enjoys the project management side of construction and his fulfilling his dream to work as a Project Manager for a large firm.

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