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Fred Scribner

| Project Executive

Fred Scribner
Joined Columbia in 1984

Fred joined Columbia in 1984 as a project manager, today he is an accomplished Project Executive known for his masterful work on our advanced technology projects. A highly respected entity in the industry recognized for his expert technical abilities, as well as his construction planning, management and scheduling expertise, Fred is a true captain for many field and office teams. For Fred that two most important job performance skills he has learned over his 40 year career are his team leadership skills and the thorough knowledge he has of the industry. His enthusiasm, innovation, and can do attitude are certainly a great asset for any team, too. Fred thrives on solving construction challenges and drawing on his extensive background to better schedule projects, purchase projects, review changes, organize people, mentor staff, select the proper subcontractors, and relate to an owner’s needs.

When not working, Fred enjoy spending warm and sunny winters in Puerto Rico. He loves to travel with his wife, enjoying nature, fresh air and fishing. His favorite part of traveling his getting to enjoy his photography hobby and indulging in afternoon naps.

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