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Paul Riley

| Project Accountant

Paul Riley
Joined Columbia in 2017   

As a Project Accountant at Columbia, Paul’s role involves establishing, organizing, and maintaining current project files with all of the appropriate documents, including expenses, invoices, and monthly invoices, in accordance with standard procedures. Paul has worked in construction for as long as he can remember, recalling fondly working for a house framer at the age of 12. Today, working on the Siemen’s Marco Project, Paul relies on his strong understanding of accounting principles, as well as his effective interpersonal and time management skills to ensure the successful bookkeeping of our projects.

Outside of the office Paul enjoys traveling and he has set an admirable goal of one day visiting all seven continents. An auto enthusiast, Paul often wonders if oil runs through his veins as he diligently works to restore his antique car in his free time. A self-proclaimed lover of Eddie Money, Paul admits his admits his interest in the rock star could be classified as obsessed.

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