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Gena Fullerton

| Accounts Payable Specialist

Gena Fullerton

“It makes me happy knowing that I work for a company where I feel very comfortable and enjoy the people I work with.”

Joined Columbia in 2005

As valued member of the accounting team, Gena’s role involves working with all facets of the accounting system, principally the validation, processing, and filing of invoices. A well organized, self-starter Gena, relies on her strong listening and communication skills to work effectively with her peers to ensure that all accounting document are in order. For Gena, being able to help people and answer accounting question as they come up is her favorite part of the job.

Outside of the office, Gena enjoys spending time with husband and stepson. Family roller blading trips, beach excursions and skiing (even though she hates the cold) is where you will find Gena. Staying active is important to her and when she find the time she also enjoys a nice jog around the Wakefield lake or working out at the gym. Before she committed to her career in accounting, Gena always wanted to be veterinarian and she still hopes to one day own a horse and take up horseback riding as a hobby.  

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