Columbia Grows

Columbia promotes and supports the growth of our employees 

It’s really the people that make Columbia the kind of company it is. We employ people who are smart and highly motivated, friendly and enthusiastic who want to make a difference in the building industry and the community. Columbia employees work closely together to find ways to achieve quality results for our clients. Our office and day-to-day operations are designed to encourage interactions between employees within and across teams, and to spark conversation and creativity.

Professional Development
Columbia encourages our employees to learn, grow, and achieve their goals at all stages of their careers. We offer opportunities to develop new skills, hone existing skills, stretch abilities, and grow professionally. Our culture and our work environment fosters learning and supports advancement.

In this spirit, we promote the following initiatives:
• Mentoring
• In-house workshops, discussion groups, and presentations
• Off-site training, seminars, and conferences
• Support of participation in professional organizations

Columbia was awarded a grant through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to provide focused training to our staff. This is a two-year Workforce Training Program that is divided into a number of modules to train staff on best work-place practices, business development, presentation skills, leadership skills, and overall personal development and personal growth skills.