• Owner:
  • Architect:
    IA | Interior Architects
  • Scope:
    New Headquarters
  • Location:
    Boston, MA

Columbia renovated office space in the Lafayette City Center in Boston’s Downtown Crossing to create a new headquarters for Carbonite, a leading provider of back up services and solutions for computer data. The office space is quite unique, blending comfort with functionality.  Thoughtful detailing includes exposed ceilings, reclaimed metal and wide plank floors, balanced by sleek glass office fronts and refined finishes. 

The 52,000 sf space was strategically planned so that each department has its own neighborhood center, offering a variety of work settings ranging from small focus rooms and conference rooms to more informal living rooms and multipurpose spaces.  There are also centrally located common areas, breakout rooms, conference and training areas, a cafe, and a spacious reception area to support collaboration.