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Tim Brewster

| Senior Project Manager

Tim Brewster
Joined Columbia in 2015   

Tim has nearly 15 years of experience in the construction industry. He has provided his construction coordination expertise on a variety of project types, including many healthcare, commercial and retail projects. The depth of his expertise  working on and around busy campus and neighborhood settings, carefully coordinating and sequencing construction activities around ongoing operations or activities help clients focus on construction goals rather than project obstacles. Tim’s vast knowledge base, overall determination and organizational skills makes him a valuable asset to the Columbia team. Tim is a self-motivated doer by nature and he enjoys the thrill of working through a new challenge and learning from his mistakes.

Tim very much enjoys spending time at his family’s second home up in the lakes region of New Hampshire.  From opening day in the spring until the very last weekend before they turn off the water off, Tim, along with his wife and kids, spend as much time as they can together enjoying the natural beauty of the "Live Free or Die" spirit of New Hampshire.

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