Shire Pharmaceuticals

  • Owner:
    Shire Pharmaceuticals
  • Architect:
  • Scope:
    200,000 SF Base Building Upgrade & Interior Renovations
  • Location:
    Lexington, MA

95 Hayden Avenue in Lexington, MA offers Shire Pharmaceuticals a beautiful campus-like setting for their recent headquarters expansion. Currently occupying several buildings on their main campus across the street, Shire expanded their administrative operations to 95 Hayden Avenue.

To meet the goals of this project, Columbia Construction provided preconstruction and construction management services for base building modifications and interior renovations to the entire 95 Hayden Avenue campus, upgraded specifically for this specialty biopharmaceutical company. The design for the space complements the existing environment while supporting the functional goals of Shire.

Occupying all 200,000+ sf, Shire’s space spans over five levels contained in a varying plan configuration. Designed to accommodate expected growth, areas include a number of open and enclosed offices with meeting and conferencing facilities, kitchen and catering facilities with dining, a fitness center, as well as an executive suite. A number of centralized atrium spaces with interconnecting stairs, elevators and bridges are also situated within the building.

As part of the base building upgrades Columbia constructed the PV solar canopy system on the upper level of an existing parking garage adjacent to a 5-story, 202,492 sf office structure. Able to withstand snow and designed to control water runoff, the 3030 panels are tilted to maximize energy output. Columbia also constructed a 137 ballasted roof mounted system on the existing office building.